Our Story

Red Roots Design is a product development company currently focusing on designing and bringing to market an ultra compact travel juicer.  The name Red Roots Design was first thought of one winter night in Stockholm, Sweden in early 2017.  Being a natural redhead and a lover of ginger, I felt Red Roots fit the bill.  Travelling through a city like Stockholm really brought out my creative side!  We gained a lot of inspiration for our very first product idea, a manual juicer, while scouting the local department stores and boutique design shops there.  Red Roots was officially established in beautiful Portland, OR, another city known for its unique designs, in 2017. The Kickstarter campaign for the Grate Juicer, our first product, is officially live!

Meet the Team


Amanda Silvestri

Owner & Founder

Amanda is an economist-turned-product developer! After receiving her M.S. in Economics, she jumped into the world of financial analysis. She soon discovered life had other plans. Her very first business was a juice and smoothie food truck based in Orlando, FL.  Now she spends her time coming up with alternatives to the traditional juicer and taking dance classes in Portland, OR.